What Is Menopause
Afra Willmore
Afra Willmore
October 24, 2018
What is menopause? Menopause is the time in a woman's life when her period stops because of hormonal changes. This happens in your late 40s or early 50s.

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Tips for Coping With Menopause Mood Swings

Oni knows that living with menopause mood swings can be hard, but she has a few tips that will help you get through it with flying colors.
by Oni Kitchens on February 23, 2018
Hot Flashes

What Can I Do to Deal With Menopausal Hot Flashes?

Are your hot flashes irritating you? Here are some remedies to help you cope with hot flashes and find relief at the same time.
123 found this helpful by Krystina Ostermeyer on February 5, 2018
Explaining Menopause To Children

A Guide to Explaining Menopause to Your Children

Explaining menopause to children does come with its challenges. Here are some ways to explain your symptoms, health, and more to your children.
by Oni Kitchens on September 21, 2017
Psychological Effects of Menopause

The Psychological Effects of Menopause

If you're suffering from the psychological effects of menopause, you are not alone. Menopause affects women differently but many experience changes in mood.
136 found this helpful by Afra Willmore on May 18, 2017
Video Self-Esteem and Menopause

4 Tips for Boosting Your Self Esteem Throughout Perimenopause

Perimenopause can take a toll on self-esteem. Between the symptoms and the whole process itself, maintaining confidence in yourself can be difficult.
by Oni Kitchens on May 4, 2017
Video Stress and Menopause Video

Coping With Stress During Menopause

I often wonder what came first, my perimenopause or the stress. I think they go hand-in-hand, they're like partners in crime.
by Oni Kitchens on April 12, 2017
Menopause Mood Swings

From Rage to Sadness and Everything In Between

Never mind four seasons in a day — a menopausal woman can experience 10 moods in an hour! These menopause mood swings can make life rough at home or work.
130 found this helpful by Afra Willmore on January 24, 2017
Video Coping With Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Coping With Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Hot flashes and night sweats can be the bane of a woman's existence. Oni talks about the most complained about symptom when it comes to being menopausal.
30 found this helpful by Oni Kitchens on June 28, 2016
Video Menopause Memory Loss video

Tips for Coping with Memory Loss and Brain Fog During Menopause

Memory loss and brain fog are not uncommon during perimenopause — and can be as difficult to deal with as physical symptoms like hot flashes.
by Oni Kitchens on June 1, 2016
Menopause and Memory Loss

Boost Your Memory With These Natural Solutions

Many women who go through menopause notice their memories just aren’t what they used to be. Learn how to fight menopause and memory loss with these tips.
323 found this helpful by Patricia Bratianu on February 2, 2016
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