Massage for Menopause

Massage for Menopause

Treat Yo’Self!

Menopause can drive you crazy! You need something to bring you back to a sense of normality. That can only be massage!

Once you start feeling the anxiety and mood swings of menopause, remember one thing: time to schedule a massage. Once you realize you have had another sleepless night, it’s time to schedule a massage.

Types of Massage to Consider

The big question is which type of massage to schedule. A number of different massages will help you, such as any of these:

  • Swedish – traditional massage that leaves you feeling super relaxed.
  • Reflexology Massage – This one puts pressure on the feet or other parts of the body, which has sensory innervation to different organs or glands. This causes a reduction of pain, the relief of stress, and decreased tension.
  • Chair Massage – For this massage, you don’t need to strip down to your underwear. Chair massages are when your neck muscles and back muscles are massaged as you kneel on a very comfortable chair specifically reserved for chair massage.
  • Raindrop Therapy Massage – This one uses about nine different essential oils that are massaged into the bottom of the feet and on the spine and back. They are sprinkled onto the skin, then rubbed in. The aromas generated in this type of massage are absolutely wonderful. You’ll smell like a nice salad dressing! The aromas from the essential oils enter the olfactory system and are carried instantaneously to all parts of the body. Essential oils are substances that have multiple actions in the body. For example, they may be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and sedative.

    This type of massage could potentially have the best effect on your symptoms since the essential oils have the highest frequency. Vibrational medicine utilizes high frequency foods or substances and it is believed that these high frequency substances have incredible healing powers. Some believe that in the near future all healing will be vibrational healing. Check out what happens to your menopause symptoms after you get a Raindrop Therapy Massage.


  • Healing Touch – Healing touch massage is a type of massage based on energy medicine. In a way, it’s similar to reflexology. It aids in the treatment of emotional health issues, physical health issues, mental health issues and possibly spiritual issues.
  • Myofascial Release Therapy – Everyone’s body holds something called fascial restrictions, areas in the fascia connective tissue of the body. The body holds the fascia tight in these areas wherever there is inflammation or restricted motion. A massage therapist who specializes in this form of myofascial release therapy will use gentle pressure on these points until they ‘release’. This can be a painful procedure.
  • Rolfing / Structural Integration – If you’ve been carrying a lot of emotional traumas with you throughout your life, as well as physical issues with different parts of your body or posture, rolfing might be a potential choice for you.

The Chocolate Massage

What type of massage may be the best to get? How about a chocolate massage? Although it’s rare to find, a chocolate massage not only sounds good but feels good. I’ve only found this type of massage in one location in a luxury spa in Granite Bay, California called Dolce Vita.

As an alternate, you may want to make your own chocolate massage lotion. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Boil water in the bottom of a double boiler. Then turn it off.
  2. Add 1-1/2 ounces cocoa butter to the top of the double boiler.
  3. Allow the cocoa butter to melt and add about .75 ounce of almond oil.
  4. Mix thoroughly. Let it cool. As it’s cooling, add a few drops of chocolate essential oil.
  5. Store in a jar and cover until you are ready to use it.
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