Amazing Menopause Products Actually Worth Buying

Helpful Products for Getting Through Menopause

Menopause ProductsIt’s been confirmed. You have seen the specialist and all of those symptoms are in fact signs that you are going through menopause. And the awful thing is that no-one can tell you how long you will have to endure it.

This is not like pregnancy — 40 weeks give or take and you know that the delivery of your bouncing bundle of joy will see an end to pregnancy-related cankles, restless nights trying to get your bump in a comfortable position only to discover that you now need the bathroom, and blood pressure related puffiness and bloating. To be fair, after delivery you find yourself with a whole new set of problems, but pregnancy ones are generally short-lived.

No, menopause can go on for years and years. You are probably familiar with the best known symptoms of menopause — hot flashes, dry skin and dryness during sex, menopause voice change, acne, hot flashes.

Yes I know I’ve noted the sudden rushes of heat twice, but since this was the one symptom I found hardest to bear I think it merits being mentioned more than once!

And this leads me on to the question I am sure many of you are asking. What products are available for menopausal women that work? That actually help ease some of the symptoms of menopause?

Useful Products for Menopause

If you type the word “menopause” into your favourite online stores you will not be surprised to discover that the vast majority of items for sale are vitamin and mineral supplements.


However, if you scroll down you might discover some unusual products including magnets and face masks for sale too.

If I’m honest, when my perimenopause symptoms were at their peak all I really wanted was a hammock on a quiet beach with a cooling breeze. I reckon that would have solved my hot flashes, stress, dark moods and sleep issues.

Unfortunately, my family was not as keen as I was on the idea of me bunking off to a desert island for the duration of the perimenopause, so I had to be more creative and find things which fit in with daily life.


Well HRT is the biggy of course. It works for millions of women and even if you are undecided on the matter I would say it’s well worth visiting your doctor and asking about the many different types.

I was always adamant I would not use HRT, but when I became menopausal I was shocked at how difficult some of the symptoms were to bear. I gave myself a stern talking to about making the most of the benefits of modern medicine and went for a chat with my doctor.

I confessed my concerns about increased incidence of certain cancers, DVT, blood clots and strokes in women using HRT I decided that the increased benefits to my bone density, a lower risk of bowel cancer and mostly, relief of my symptoms, was worth the slightly increased risk.

You may, like me, have heard that HRT causes weight gain, but it’s apparently a myth that HRT causes this. It’s age and changes in lifestyle which are to blame. Another myth — women who have had a hysterectomy don’t need it. This is not necessarily true — again ask your doctor for advice.

I have heard women say it doesn’t work for them, but there are over 50 types and there is a good chance one will suit you. You just have to be persistent, firm with your healthcare provider and try different combinations and delivery systems until you find one right for you.

Menopause Scarf

Along with HRT I found my most useful purchase for those doggone hot flashes was a menopause scarf. A menopause scarf is a tube of fabric available in a variety of pretty patterns filled with cooling gel beads, which you activate with water. The scarf is so cooling on the neck I had to pry it from my eight-year-old daughter, who loved it in hot weather, and had to beg for it back from a menopausal friend who borrowed it for an overseas trip to a very hot country.

You can buy them from many well known outlets on the internet — just type “menopause scarf” into your search engine of choice. The scarves generally cost less than a bottle of wine.

Products for Sleeping Better

If you are suffering with restlessness at night I can offer you a cheap tip from a friend, who simply swapped her double duvet for two singles. She had been retreating to the spare room every night, because she was tossing and turning and dragging the duvet around, disturbing her partner. Purchasing a single duvet for each of them restored marital harmony and meant they could still share a bed.

The same idea works if you live in a colder climate and love your electric blanket. We ditched our one-temperature-suits-all version for a slightly more expensive one that has separate controls for left and right. Now I can lie happily on my cool side of the bed while my other half heats up his chilly toes!

You can apparently buy special menopause nightwear, but I think save your money and just choose natural fabrics — no nylon nighties!

Now, as ever, it’s important to brush your teeth before bed, and treating yourself to a good toothbrush is a must, along with a good dentist to go with it! Teeth often suffer as your hormones fluctuate and your dropping estrogen levels can lead to an increased risk of gum disease, tooth loss, and bone problems caused by osteoporosis.

Next page: four more kinds of products for menopause.

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