Menopause and Emotions
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson
March 25, 2019
Menopause can take a huge toll on your mental health, but it doesn't have to. Consider these tips for managing your menopause and emotions.

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On-Screen Menopause Moments

Hilarious On-Screen Menopause Moments

When afflicted with menopause symptoms it might help to remember that someone somewhere has found a way to make the whole thing into a joke.
by Afra Willmore on December 8, 2015
Exercise and Menopause

Exercise and Menopause

Experts agree that exercise isn’t a cure-all for your menopausal symptoms, but it does target the roots of some discomforts.
by Angela Finlay on March 3, 2015
Diet for Menopause

3 Tasty Salads for Menopause

Eating healthy will help to minimize menopause symptoms. These three salads for menopause are a great place to start.
by Donna Schwontkowski on September 19, 2014
Smoothies for Menopause

Smoothies for Menopause

Smoothies not only act as a great meal replacement, but with the right ingredients, they are also great at reducing the symptoms of menopause.
by Donna Schwontkowski on September 16, 2014
Foods for Menopause

Foods for Menopause

Going grocery shopping soon? Why not purchase some foods for menopause that will ease your symptoms? Here's a great grocery list to get you started.
by Donna Schwontkowski on September 9, 2014
Menopause Low Blood Sugar

Low Blood Sugar

Your daily habits could be causing symptoms of menopause including low blood sugar levels. Try to avoid these 4 habits during times of menopause.
by Donna Schwontkowski on August 29, 2014
Supplements for Menopause

Supplements for Menopause

Though the positive thing about menopause is the cessation of menstruation, many of the symptoms make it difficult to enjoy life during this time.
by Yvonne Banks on July 8, 2014