Helpful Apps for Menopause

Using Technology to Get Through Menopause

Helpful Apps for MenopauseMenopause brings more to think about and more to manage, but not more free time. Fortunately, there are smartphone apps to offer the support you need without demanding much of your time or effort in return.

While there’s no doubt that the right phone app can improve your routine, the difference between a helpful resource and a waste of time is in how well the app fits with your most pressing menopause concerns.

What a Menopause App Can Do for You

Symptom tracking is just the tip of the iceberg; many apps gather all sorts of pertinent information for you and your doctor, and help you understand your own situation a little bit better. The best menopause apps will help you manage a few key areas of your health, by:

  • Directing you to the best references. Menopause brings chaos and confusion now and then, but a little bit of accurate info can go a long way to calming your nerves. Apps that provide links to specific online resources on medication, symptom assessment, and tools for calculating various risk scores can come in very handy when you’re feeling uncertain.
  • Organizing your thoughts and records. Journaling is both relaxing, productive – and when you can jot down your thoughts on your phone – exceptionally convenient. Not only does it promise some immediate stress relief, but recording your thoughts and observations alongside other medical information can illuminate certain patterns and connections.
  • Preparing for doctor visits and appointments. A lot can get lost in the shuffle, especially on bad days, but an app can keep a running list of points to relay to your doctor. Or better yet, you can compile and send information directly to your health care professional before your next visit.

Top Menopause Apps to Try

There are a few well-designed apps for menopause on the market that work nicely with menopause management plans. But which is best for you? Instead of cycling through all of them, consider which features fit with your lifestyle and interests, and which may be more of a burden than a help.



The North American Menopause Society introduced this mobile management tool to strengthen communication between doctors and patients, and help develop a better treatment plan. In fact, the app has two modes – one for you and one for your doctor or therapist – to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to your unique menopause experience.

Pros: One great advantage of MenoPro is its lack of advertising. It was developed without any support or influence from pharmaceutical companies, which means the focus is on your health, not your consumer power. It’s thorough and clear in its aim, and that’s something that physicians can appreciate.

Cons: While it has a lot to offer, this app is fairly clinical in nature; much of the information is intended to help you decide whether or not to undergo hormone therapy (HT). In any case, the helpful risk assessment tool can clear up confusion, and point you toward the best treatment for your particular state of health.

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