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How Long Does Menopause Last: Coping With a Longer Than Average Menopause

How Long Does Menopause Last

When I was experiencing erratic menstruation in my late 30s and suffered a miscarriage in my early 40s, I was shocked to be told that blood tests had revealed I was menopausal. My doctor told me that the child I had aged 40 was almost certainly a “perimenopause baby,” where my hormones had stabilized long enough for me to get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy. The miscarriage I suffered two years later she said was almost...

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Menopause Headaches

Can Menopause Cause Headaches?

Hormone-related headaches, like menopause headaches, can prove to be seriously debilitating, affecting every aspect of life from work to your social life.
412 found this helpful by Afra Willmore on February 8, 2017
Perimenopause Nipple Discharge

Is Nipple Discharge a Sign of Menopause?

Perimenopause nipple discharge can be frightening. It may have been years since breastfeeding a child (if at all!) — so why could this be happening?
by Krystina Ostermeyer on December 19, 2016
Cervical Mucus During Perimenopause

Why Am I Experiencing Cervical Discharge?

Generally, cervical mucus during perimenopause is a normal occurrence. Learn the causes and when you should be concerned about this symptom.
by Krystina Ostermeyer on December 19, 2016
Menopause Greasy Hair

When Menopause Causes Greasy Hair

You won’t be too surprised to learn our constant companions, hormones, are playing havoc with your locks, causing menopause greasy hair.
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Menopause and Nausea

Can Menopause Cause Nausea?

One of the worst side effects of menopause is nausea, which can have a huge effect on day-to-day living. So, how do you cope with menopause and nausea?
by Afra Willmore on November 7, 2016
Little Known Symptoms of Menopause

Little Known Symptoms of Menopause

Most women don’t talk about their menopause, so some of the personal symptoms might come as a surprise when it’s your turn to navigate this change of life.
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How Long Does Menopause Last

How Long Does Menopause Last?

Does it feel like your menopausal symptoms have been hanging around forever? How long does menopause last, anyway? Learn all about it here.
165 found this helpful by Afra Willmore on June 24, 2015
Menopause and Breast Pain

Menopause and Breast Pain

When it comes to menopause and breast pain, which around 70% of women report, there are some things you can do to help ease the discomfort.
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Heart Palpitations and Menopause

Heart Palpitations and Menopause

Did you know heart palpitations and menopause can be connected? Fluctuating hormones can cause your heart to beat very fast or irregularly.
357 found this helpful by Afra Willmore on February 25, 2015
Menopause and Fatigue

Menopause and Fatigue

Many women experience menopause and fatigue as their bodies change. There are many reasons why feel tired all of the time
372 found this helpful by Patricia Bratianu on February 18, 2015
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