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How Long Does Menopause Last: Coping With a Longer Than Average Menopause

How Long Does Menopause Last

When I was experiencing erratic menstruation in my late 30s and suffered a miscarriage in my early 40s, I was shocked to be told that blood tests had revealed I was menopausal. My doctor told me that the child I had aged 40 was almost certainly a “perimenopause baby,” where my hormones had stabilized long enough for me to get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy. The miscarriage I suffered two years later she said was almost...

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Managing Symptoms

Managing Symptoms

Are you concerned about managing menopause symptoms? There is good news. All you need is an iPhone or iPad and to download the newly created MenoPro app!
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Advances in Menopause and Fertility

Advances in Menopause and Fertility

Stem cell scientist Aubrey de Grey has suggested that menopause and fertility limitations could soon be a thing of the past.
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