Is Hormone Therapy for Me?

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Menopause article: Is Hormone Therapy for Me?Is Hormone Therapy for Me?

Hormone replacement therapy had been used for decades to relieve symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweat, mood swings, and vaginal dryness.

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  • For god sake go back to herbs. Organic ginger tea and eating healthy diet and exercise. No food process...
  • I have been taking norethindrone for about 2 weeks now and I am really impressed how good I feel thus far. Before, I was so very tired. It was all I could do to drag myself to and from work much less get anything done at home. My periods have not stopped and are extremely heavy. I haven't had my period yet since starting hormone therapy but the difference in how I feel is enough to make it worth it to me.
  • My mother she used the HRT until she was 70 and she is now almost 80 and still very healthy. now I'm confused after all the comments. What should I do?
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    @Carla1DeRuissseau Carla, I think it has to be up to us and our doctors. Ask the doctor about it and whether they think it is safe enough for you to be on or if there might be something else you can try. I know heart disease runs in my family so I elected to try herbal remedies first, the first one I tried did not work and I am hoping the next will be helpful. There is also a saliva test doctors can do to find out what hormones are out of balance and they make a compound cream for your specific hormones. I am hoping I can find someone to do that if all else fails and menopause symptoms can truly affect your life. Wishing you the best in your endeavors.

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