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Menopause article: Changes to Your MouthChanges to Your Mouth

Women may find that during menopause they begin to experience increased dental complications caused by the fluctuations in estrogen with increased age.

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  • LKayLKay Member
    I was having heavy painful periods in my mid 30's. At the age of 34, I had a ovary removed due to cysts. As my problems were ongoing, my Ob/Gyn suggested ablation but I felt that wasn't truly taking care of my problem. I found a compounding pharmacy who did saliva testing for hormones and came to find out I was low in progesterone so my doctor agreed to prescribe me natural progesterone in capsule form. I have been doing much better and going through perimenopaise . I am 44 and for the last two years, I have a period once a year. I am still in the process but the natural progesterone has helped my mood quite a bit.

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