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Menopause article: Risk of DivorceRisk of Divorce

Many divorce occur during the menopause years. Because of this, finding ways to improve your physical and psychological symptoms is essential.

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  • LolaLola Member
    Omg!! I just found out I'm going throw premenopause. I've been heavy bleeding for over 4 weeks now.hot sweats at night. It's been alot for me.and my poor husband.he's been so kind throw all this. I'm just praying for this to go by fast.
  • JodySJodyS Member
    I'm going to be 50 in Sept...the youngest of 5. The ONLY year I didn't suffer somehow w/my periods was my 1st. Hardly anything & no cramps. I used to think, 'what's the big deal?' I was 12 when it started. My Mom never told me anything about my body, so when I 1st started, I cried, thinking I was dying! :) When my Mom heard the yell, she started laughing, because she knew. haha

    Through my school years, it was hell having accidents & my cramps were so bad I'd have to walk home & when the cramps would strike, I'd have to sit in strangers yards til the pain went away. I got married at 20, my husband was 36 at the time. I couldn't get pregnant easy & figured it had to do w/my husband since he was older. No, it was me. I didn't get pregnant w/my 1st son til we were married almost 5 years. Years went by after him & after getting rid of all of my sons clothes, toys, baby furniture, etc...I got pregnant w/my 2nd son 6 years after that.

    So now...my periods are like a crime scene every month! I cry most months. I have always had heavy periods, but about 6 years ago, they became wicked! I usually don't go anywhere during the horror! I have to schedule things around that time! Going to the bathroom has become a job! I wear those throwaway underwear & a heavy duty long pad w/them. I know I DO have fibroids. There's always one or 2 days every month my cramps are so bad, they feel like contractions. I've heard that however the females in your family had it, you will too. My Mom went through menopause w/barely a whisper! I remember her saying when she was 50 she hadn't had her period for a year & I used to joke maybe she was pregnant. :) My Mom was in a wheelchair & had bad periods like me & I had NO idea, because she never complained! I found out years later. One of my sisters had bad ones too. I'm so ready for this all to END! My mood swings are bad too. I can't stand the crying! I cry at EVERYTHING! I've always been sentimental, but it doesn't take much to set me off. I cry when I see anyone else crying. I'm tired all the time, my skin has become weird & I'm anemic. I'm a MESS!!!!!


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