Early Signs of Menopause

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Menopause article: Early Signs of MenopauseEarly Signs of Menopause

Are you noticing the early signs of menopause? There’s a lot you can do to stay comfortable, healthy and informed about the changes ahead.

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  • I need help, with my state of mind crying all the time and irritable.
  • BeckyBecky Member
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    I'm 51 years old trying so hard to control my self. First, in my forties having breast sharp pains, can't sleep, cramps like having a baby again, mood swings, nausea, dry skin, panic attacks, skipping periods now dizziness had to stop driving. Also am listening to my body more then ever. 2 weeks feeling okay then another 2 weeks roller coaster starts again..Yikes! Popcorn helps me sleep..
    What helps for me drinking organic tea, vinegar and eating healthy diet and exercise. Vitamins B-complex and Vitamin D - C. Organic protein drink which has lots of vitamins and nutrition. Called (IVL) Long Life Food Source. I order online. Last thing is staying calm and breathe like yoga or pray...
    God Bless You All...
  • BeckyBecky Member
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    Prayer always works for me..Yay!
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Forgot to mention popcorn helps me to sleep..
    Also am learning how to work on this website..sorry for more comments. :)
  • I'm 49 and I still have a period for 7 days but I am having all the signs of peri menopause. I told my gyn doctor and she said that was what I was experiencing.i have gained weight so I have joined planet fitness and work out 5 times a week 2 hrs a day for the past month and have not lost anything but my doctor said that I want see actual pounds but I will only see inches come off. So I guess that is just peachy to say the least. I don't like this feeling but this is life of a women
  • I am 48 started with hot flashes in my 30's. Just this last year started skipping periods. The longest I've went without a period is 6 months. Then boom, here we go again. This time I am going on 4 months. So we'll see. I also have high anxiety, trouble sleeping and hypothyroidism. I am happy I am able to connect with others like myself. Take care everyone and keep your head held high.
  • the last two months my periods were very heavy then so far i have not got one this month yet could that be the start im 51 but i want sex all the time help
  • Emmy B.

    I am 46 and I started having all those symptoms few months ago. Hot flashes at night were driving me crazy!! Because I have a blot clot history, I CAN'T take hormones. So I decided to research about natural medicines for menopause. I found out the MACA root is amazing for that. So I decided to try it. I am taking it since a month ago and I am very please with my decision. My hot flashes, dryness and lack of sleep are getting better each day !!!
  • I am 43 and just been told I'm menopausal!! I kind of thought so because I haven't had a period in almost 2 years, but I'm experiencing symptoms like nausea/ vomiting in addition to the regular stuff!! I'm miserable !! Any advice??
  • 51yrs old, cycle is normal every month working hard to be more normal self but I feel so sad and tired all the time, can sleep for 14 hours and it is still not enough rest. The headaches are so painful.....I have a high pressure job and always loved my career....I cannot stand it anymore.....this cannot be normal...... What is a FSH test, my PCP said there is no blood test that can accurately confirm that you are in menopause. Is this true?
  • @Shirley what type of doc do you see that can show you this? Thanks
  • I've had anxiety attacks on and off since age 35. I was also diagnosed with a thyroid problem about 3 1/2 years ago, but after just 4 months on medication that made me feel worse, all my blood tests returned to and stayed normal.I've found that taking a kelp supplement to increase my iodine intake helps with the anxiety symptoms, makes me feel calm without feeling sleepy, and the kelp also helped with cramps and breast pain and swelling. I got 300 tablets from the Vitamin Shoppe for $7.99. I have also changed my diet by trying to load up on fruits and vegetables. Ever heard of "cool as a cucumber?" Cucumbers help the liver to control body temperature. Other than your skin, the liver is the body's primary temperature control organ. It also helps regulate hormone levels. My last visit to the doctor showed one elevated liver enzyme and slightly high total cholesterol, so I have focused my diet on liver cleansing and supporting foods and avoiding processed foods. I also get chiropractic care once a month with massage therapy for chronic pain and inflammation. I feel better now than I have in years! Some of my sleep problems including night sweats were caused by waking up in chronic pain. Even the strong prescription pain meds weren't working very well and left me feeling dopey.
  • @YDR I suggest you ask your doctor to test for any other underlying causes, but if you are like me, your high pressure job that you love may be putting too much stress on your body. You may want to try a kelp supplement like I take. Americans don't get as much iodine in their diets as other countries, and stress can contribute to iodine depletion and thyroid malfunction. If you eat on the run a lot, you may need to stop grabbing fast and processed foods and boost your veggie and fruit intake. Try celery, cucumbers and bell peppers, and increase your citrus fruits. Citrus fruits, especially lemons, limes and grapefruit, are excellent for helping the liver remove toxins from the body. Try one weekend to eat as many raw fresh fruits and veggies as you can, and see if you feel better. You might be surprised!
  • @Shirley the nausea may be caused by hormonal changes, similar to being pregnant. Try keeping saltines, ginger ale, and ginger snap cookies handy. I had a lot of headaches that caused nausea, and found those 3 choices my best bet. I also added a kelp supplement to my routine, changed my diet to include more fresh fruits and veggies, and get chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy once a month. I feel better than I have in years. (I am 47 and perimenopausal)
  • Can you have all the symptoms with a regular period?
  • This was a great article, but there was one thing missing. What about women who have had a hysterectomy? I had one when I turned 40, and will be 48 in May. Lately I have complained about my sleep pattern. I go days with out functioning because I lay awake at night. Headaches were mentioned as a sign, but how does one really k ow if they had headaches all their lives? I know nothing beats an exam by a doctor, but can you tell those of us without a uterus when it's time to just suck it up and when a doctors visit is warranted?

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