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Menopause article: Menopausal CelebritiesMenopausal Celebrities

Despite their fame and fortune, stars have to go through menopause, too. Learn how these four menopausal celebrities coped with hormones and the limelight.

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  • jilljill Member
    Hi Ladies. I have heard so many horror stories regarding menopause yet have been blessed so far that I really have not had one menopause symptom. I decided that after my period stopped 12 months ago that I was going to modify my diet. I no longer eat anything white.. No sugar, white flour etc. and I modify my grain intake to only whole grains. Eat organically grown foods and very little meat. I also juice everything I can, the greenier the better and lots of dark berries and carrots.I take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day internally and use it externally as well to combat dry skin. I'm not a health guru but it's truly made a difference. I am 58 years old and have not had a hot flash, mood swing or night sweats. I have not gained a pound either. I may be off base, but I'm willing to do anything to avoid this nightmare and I mentally tell myself it's not going to get me. Juicing is also great for weight loss for those struggling with this issue. Sorry for rambling, but I feel that perhaps this can help. I believe in balancing our bodies and what we eat and drink makes a huge difference.

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