pellet therapy

I started at age 41, I didn't get my period for 7 months, was very irritable, no ambition, Moody, depressed, no sex drive (which was a problem because I was a newlywed) hot sweats, i couldn't sleep at night, I was just a mess!!
I went to my Dr's and had a panel done (blood work) , a week later I was told I was in full blown menopause. My levels were all over the place, which was a sigh of relief because at least I had answers.
So the Dr and I spoke about different options, I chose the hormone pellet replacement!
This was the best decision ever, I feel hot sweats, I'm not irritable or Moody, I sleep at night, the Dr also Gave me a shot of B12 for energy. Plus my sex life it's incredibly amazing!!
Also I'm a migraine sufferer, and my migraines decreased by 50%..
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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