Weight and Menopause

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Menopause article: Weight and MenopauseWeight and Menopause

One third of overweight women between fifty and fifty-nine are obese because of physical changes during menopause linked to an increase in body weight.

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  • I drink organic vinegar or pills..
  • I have put on over 15lbs in the past 6 months and no matter what I try I can't keep it off. :( So frustrated.
  • densydensy Member
    my weight fluctuates and it is driving me nuts I have jeans size 10 and 14 because one month I could be a size smaller or bigger.
  • One major piece of the puzzle that is missing (and blows a lot of this advice aside) is female athletes in perimenopause. People that have eaten super clean, been low body fat / high muscle mass, healthy, happy and pharma free (not even bc in my case) for their entire lives. Suddenly whammo. New out of the blue food allergies and sensitivities eliminate foods, physical changes to oxygen uptake from hormone drops limit exercise, lack of sleep leads to severe fatigue, adrenals are stressed. Everything you did all your life to be fit and healthy, your own body won't let you continue doing. This is happening to me, many of my friends, and others I meet in the triathlete, cycling,hiking, climbing, racing, hiking etc world. It isn't as simple as what's described above. I set a personal record in April 2017 and literally from the next day on, my entire body went haywire. No period, 15 pound weight fluctuations with no rhyme nor reason, red meat can make me vomit (even bison, elk), 90% of fats are intolerable, many fruits and vegetables are intolerable, egg and chicken sensitivity that is all new (I eat all organic, farm to table fresh, nothing processed, no sugar, no salt, no caffeine, no dairy, no wheat, etc etc and always have for the last 37 years). Started peri at age 33 (a lab test came back with almost zero estrogen), 48 this year, went from being so fit less than 2 years ago that 21 year old kids stared at me when I was working out and asked me for advice, to looking like Homer Simpson with long hair in 12 months. Like Freaky Friday happened with some random stranger and I'm stuck in their body but seeing my face in the mirror. I'm full of so much anger and tears (depending on the time of day) - I am pondering starting a website just to support other athletes going through the drastic lifestyle and appearance changes forced upon us during the transition. (I've been told once we are through it, fitness capabilities come back up) Sorry for the vent but it's unreal that tens of millions of women can reach this stage of life in 2018 but we're all having to teach each other, trial and error, through communities and conversations. Shameful that all the research is on young women in sport (female athlete triad, etc) during a time when perimenopausal and menopausal women are the largest female population percentage in the country!!

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